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White-clawed crayfish survey

White-clawed crayfish is the only native species of crayfish in the UK. They have suffered drastic declines over the last few decades from a combination of habitat destruction, pollution and disease from non-native signal crayfish.

White-clawed crayfish typically inhabit clear well-oxygenated streams, but they may also be found in less optimal habitats including canals, reservoirs and lowland rivers.

CS Ecology ecologists hold the appropriate licences to undertake white-clawed crayfish surveys in England and Wales and have undertaken numerous surveys for this species; ranging from shallow streams to large water authority reservoirs. Where necessary, the relevant Environment Agency permits are obtained for undertaking trapping work.

If crayfish are found to be present suitable mitigation will be developed for presentation to the relevant statutory bodies to allow your development to proceed in accordance with current wildlife legislation.

Please contact CS Ecology for further information and a no obligation quotation.


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