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Dormouse survey

Hazel or common dormouse have become extinct in many English counties over the last 100 years, so they are not so ‘common’ anymore. Given their rarity they are fully protected under UK and European wildlife legislation.

They are mostly restricted to southern counties, but northern populations persist in the Lake District and they are also found in some areas of Wales. They spend much of the year asleep and are relatively long-lived for a small mammal.

CS Ecology staff hold Natural England and Natural Resources Wales handling licences for hazel dormouse and is able to undertake a dormouse survey for your development. Nut searches can also be undertaken which may negate the requirement for more expensive nestbox surveys. If dormouse presence is confirmed appropriate mitigation is developed as necessary to satisfy the competent authority, which may include obtaining a development licence from the relevant statutory authority.

Please contact CS Ecology for further information and a no obligation quotation.


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