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Great crested newt survey

Great crested newts have declined in the UK through factors including habitat loss and pollution, but remain a widespread and locally common species. They receive full protection through UK and European wildlife legislation and as such surveys are often required to ascertain their presence or likely absence at a site.

CS Ecology staff hold Natural England and Natural Resources Wales survey licences for great crested newts and have vast experience of undertaking great crested newt surveys across England and Wales. Where the species is found to be present appropriate mitigation will be developed for your site.

CS Ecology utilises hi-power Cluson li-ion torches rated at 1M candlepower for all aspects of night survey work for GCN. This is in line with Natural England recommended best practice for GCN survey. We have come across consultancies using low-rent garage forecourt style torches and these may lead to inaccurate counts, or at worse false-negatives for your site thereby potentially compromising the development schedule of your site should GCN be found afterwards. Ensure your ecologist is correctly equipped to do the task at hand.

Mitigation may include avoidance of key habitats or changing work timetables to avoid impacting newts. Where necessary, ecological mitigation and compensation can be developed which is suitable for securing a development licence from Natural England.

Please contact CS Ecology for further information and a no obligation quotation.

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