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Natterjack toad survey

Natterjack toads are the rarest amphibian found in the UK, with populations restricted to north-west England, Lincolnshire, East Anglia and south-west Scotland. They also persist on the south-west coast of Ireland. They are typically associated with active dune systems found on coastal regions, but an isolated population is present on moorland in the Cumbrian fells.

Conservation effort focuses more on habitat management rather than the creation of new ponds whre the species is known to be present, although pond creation can be beneficial to the species. A lack of management intervention at sites where natterjacks have previously been recorded is one factor in their decline across their range. They receive full protection through UK and European wildlife legislation and as such surveys are often required to ascertain their presence or likely absence at a site.

CS Ecology staff hold natterjack toad survey licences and have carried out many natterjack toad surveys. Where the species is found to be present appropriate mitigation will be developed for your site.

Mitigation may include avoidance of key habitats or changing work timetables to avoid impacting toads. Management or the introduction of grazing regimes may be recommended which would be beneficial to toad status. Where necessary, ecological mitigation and compensation can be developed which is suitable for securing a development licence from Natural England.

Please contact CS Ecology for further information and a no obligation quotation.

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