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Phase 1 Habitat Survey

A Phase 1 Habitat Survey is a survey which maps habitat types present on site, with target notes to describe specific ecological features. Maps are produced using MapInfo GIS and features are accurately logged in the field using a GPS. The survey is typically ‘extended’ to assess a site’s potential to support protected or notable species.

In addition, the survey may indicate the presence of invasive weeds such as Japanese knotweed which may require remediatory measures. Where appropriate, recommendations are made for further work which may include ecological mitigation or species-specific surveys.

Planning authorities often request Phase 1 Habitat Surveys as a bare minimum to accompany a planning application, and variations on the Phase 1 name include Ecological Walkover, Ecological Assessment, Ecological Appraisal etc. depending on the planning authority concerned. A robust desk study is expected to be included within any ecological assessment involving consultation with local ecological record centres and publicly available data highlighted by the links below. CS Ecology undertakes rigourous desk studies as a matter of best practice for any site.

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