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Reptile survey

The UK is home to six native species of reptile, with three snakes, and three lizards. Of these the smooth snake and the sand lizard are rare in their number and distribution. The other four species are termed ‘widespread’ reptiles; these are the adder, grass snake, common lizard, and the slow-worm (a leg-less lizard). Reptile presence can be hard to ascertain at a site, therefore surveys must be undertaken during appropriate conditions and between March through to September (inclusive).

CS Ecology ecologists have significant experience of undertaking reptile surveys for 'widespread' species accross the UK and if they are found to be present on your site suitable nmitigation will be develpoped, allowing your project to proceed with minimal disruption and cost.

Several associate ecologists (and Craig) are experienced reptile 'catchers' as they understand reptile behaviour and ecology. They have worked on numerous schemes where their in-depth knowledge of reptile ecology means that a targeted and resource-focussed approach is taken when catching reptiles, meaning that animals are cleared faster from development areas. They are well versed in handling and 'processing' adders which are the UK’s only venomous snake.

Please contact CS Ecology for further information and a no obligation quotation.

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